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EGR Valve Service

EGR Valve Service in O’Fallon

How much do you know about motor vehicle maintenance? Hopefully, you follow the contact us guide in your owner’s manual, but that’s really only the beginning. There are plenty of parts and systems in a vehicle that should be regularly checked, and you won’t find them on a maintenance contact us. One of those parts is the EGR valve. It’s an important system, but too many car owners don’t know how to keep an eye on it. That’s why an EGR valve service is important to keep it running correctly.

How Your EGR Valve Works

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve lowers emissions for your vehicle. Essentially, it takes the gas exhaust from the engine and recycles it back into the air intake. This is important because not all of the fuel vapor will burn when it runs through the engine. A second pass helps unspent fuel ignite. This helps improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and it makes the final exhaust from the car less harmful to the environment. An EGR valve service will inspect the valve to ensure it is functioning correctly. This typically includes an inspection of the vacuum line, the valve, and other related components. If a technician finds a problem, they can resolve it before it degrades into a costly repair.


Servicing Your EGR Valve

EGR valves deal with the exhaust. This exposes them to carbon buildups and other chemicals that can impede the valve’s ability to function. Over time, a valve will accumulate enough dirty buildup that it no longer opens and closes correctly. This will keep it from properly recirculating the gasses, and you’ll end up with reduced fuel efficiency and increased emissions. In many cases, a malfunctioning EGR valve can be fixed with a simple cleaning. Even when the problem is more severe, replacing the valve before problems go too far is good for your vehicle and the environment.

What if I Wait on This Service?

As EGR valve functionality degrades over time, it will impact your vehicle’s performance. What starts as a small drop in fuel efficiency can degrade into more significant problems. A damaged vacuum line can make braking harder or trigger the check engine light. A gummed valve makes the car run rough. Overall, delaying this service can severely hamper engine performance and shorten the engine’s lifespan.

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