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What are Air Ducts and Why Should They be Cleaned?

Air ducts are positioned at the business end of the air conditioning and heating units. They accept the treated air and provides the path for that air to get to the cabin where temperature regulation occurs. Over time, the air ducts face airborne particulates that can accumulate. This accumulates can start to smell. Although mold and bacteria are the root cause of that foul smell, these problems might also be related to a dirty air filter. If the cabin air filter is dirty or clogged, it won’t function properly, and this airborne debris can accumulate even more.


Air duct cleaning from Travers Premier Service Center features a trained technician, air duct cleaning instrument, and a special cleaning agent. When your ducts are cleaned, you’ll notice a pleasant fragrance signaling that the ducts are sparkling.

Vehicle Air Ducts Explained

Air ducts are a critical ingredient to your air ventilation system. They guide AC and heated air from their respective units into the cabin where you and your passengers breathe. Most drivers won’t even consider the conditions inside their air ducts until they notice a strange smell emitted from the vents.


At this time, we usually get this question from our customers, “Why does my car smell so musty?” The answer is simple because it’s filthy inside the air ducts! Most of the time, these ducts have never been cleaned. Now, they are full of dust, pollen, bacteria, possibly mold. The antimicrobial cleaning agent we use will eliminate any microbes!


More About Air Filters

Air filters are also a point of concern, as a defective cabin air filter can contribute to dirty air ducts. If a faulty filter is revealed while cleaning your air ducts, we can replace it! A new filter in addition to air duct cleaning removes almost 100% of all airborne particulates.


If you have noticed a funny smell inside you cabin, you probably need to consider cleaning those dirty air ducts! Give us a call or contact us cleaning service online today at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service.