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Service Offering: Automotive Tire Sales & Service in Florissant, Missouri

If you own a car, you’ll eventually need a tire service. If you’ve owned a car for very long, you’ve probably had every kind of tire service. Tire service is in demand because your tires are where the rubber meets the road providing you with benefits like a smooth ride, comfortable handling, even tread wear, and cost savings. Any certified technician will tell you: tires are one of the most critical maintenance items because they provide drivers with so many benefits and comforts. Because tires and tire maintenance are essential for your vehicle, we are extending a premier service offering to all of our customers in Florissant, St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Clayton, and St. Louis, Missouri.

Get any Tire Service at Travers Premier Auto Service
Automotive Tire Service is quick, convenient, and hassle-free at Travers Premier Auto Service in Florissant. Our service center has a team of expert technicians, a fully-stocked inventory of genuine manufacturer-approved replacement tires, and special computerized equipment. We are always ready to take on any tire-related service including:

  • Inspection – a tire expert technician will start service with a thorough examination that serves as the service staging point. You’ll know the precise health of your tires and what to do next with every tire inspection.
  • Balancing – If your wheels-tires are out of balance, we will use a computerized wheel balancer to get correctly distributed weight around the wheel.
  • Rotation – Your tires are moved to a new wheel location to promote even tread wear
  • Alignment – Ensures that each opposing wheel is parallel to each other while being perpendicular to the road.

Genuine Tire Sales & Service
At Travers Premier Auto Service, we know how important tires are for your vehicle’s performance and your smooth driving experience. We also know how tire replacement can be less than budget friendly. That’s why our tire center offers value-added tire services with genuine manufacturer-approved replacement tires. When you purchase new tires or maintain your existing tires with a tire service, you get peace of mind knowing that the replacement tires are rigorously evaluated for fit and performance in your vehicle. Offering the region’s lowest tire service prices, our customers leave the tire center knowing that they got a great deal, their tires will last as long as possible, and their vehicle is at factory specifications.