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Brake Pad Replacement & Inspection

Automotive Brake Pad Replacement Service Florissant Auto Service

Your brakes and their stopping power are among the most critical safety features for your vehicle. Every time your brake pedal is pressed, the material composite on the brake pads wears down a little more. The result is that your Brake Pads must be inspected routinely and replaced as needed by an ASE-certified technician. If you do not have your brake pads inspected and replaced as needed, the brake pad composite material will be eliminated and metal to metal contact will occur to eventually cause damage to your rotors. Since Brake Pads are the weakest link in your brake system, we inspect brake pads first when there is a problem. However, our Inspection Service is comprehensive and extends beyond your brake pads to include the rotors, calipers, brake fluid, and lines. We’ll even check your emergency brake as needed to make sure it is functioning properly.

Signs that you have a Brake Problem

There are many parts that make up your brake system that can wear out and cause problems. Brake Pads are often considered first because they are expected to wear out due to their composite material; however, every component in the brake system can wear out over time. Regardless of the cause of your brake problem, there are several common warning signs that you need to have an Inspection Service as follows:

  • Grinding, squealing, or a metal-on-metal sound
  • Vibration in the brake pedal
  • Softer or Harder feel in the brake pedal

If you have any of these common signs, then you have a problem with your brake system. The best way to get it fixed is with a Brake Pad Replacement & Inspection Service at Travers Premier Auto Service. Our world-class service center is conveniently located in Florissant & O’Fallon and within a short drive of St Charles, St Peters, Chesterfield, Clayton and St Louis, Missouri.

The Inspection is Important

Every Brake Pad Replacement Service begins with an ASE-Certified Technician. They will inspect your brake pads and replace them as needed. The ASE-Certified Technician will then complete a thorough inspection of every brake system component including rotors, bearings, lines, brake fluid, and calipers. Should the ASE-Certified Technician find any problems during the inspection, you will be contacted immediately to decide on what is needed to restore your brake system and safety to factory specifications.