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The Battery & Automotive Electrical System


Electricity is a requirement for most vehicles. First and Foremost, all cars with an internal combustion engine need a battery that sends voltage to the starter to turn over the engine. The Battery is then recharged by the alternator when the electrical charge stored inside dips below a certain point. Your Battery will cycle through thousands of engine starts and recharges from the alternator. Once the engine is running, it is the alternator that supplies voltage to your vehicle’s electrical accessories.

Heat & Temperature Change: The Battery Killers

Exposure to extreme temperatures with significant temperature fluctuation are the greatest threats to your battery life. Living in Missouri with hot summers and cold winters is a significant environmental threat to your battery. A convenient and easy way of mitigating environmental risk for your battery is with a battery inspection and replacement service as needed. Gain peace of mind knowing that your battery is healthy enough to start the engine all winter long with a Car Battery Replacement Service at Travers Premier Auto Service in Florissant & O’Fallon, Missouri.


What are the Symptoms of a Failing Battery?

A failing or faulty battery will start to have symptoms signaling a need for Car Battery Replacement Service. From minor losses in voltage to entirely dead, a defective battery will begin to show signs of a problem. When a battery starts to lose integrity, it will get progressively worse until it doesn’t hold any charge. When that happens, you’ll be left stranded with an immovable vehicle. Here are the symptoms of a failing battery:

  • Disfigured case – bloating, swelling, warping, or any other physical change
  • Lights are dimmer
  • Internal accessories like seats, ventilation, radio, or digital displays are sluggish
  • Electrical system warning light is on
  • Difficulty starting the engine or won’t start at all
  • The battery is 4 or more years old


Convenient Car Battery Replacement Service

Travers Premier Auto Service in Florissant and O’Fallon is conveniently located in the St. Louis metropolitan area near St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Clayton, Missouri. Your battery is on our mind because it probably worked extra hard facing hot temperatures this summer and you need it to perform correctly this winter. The best way to get reliable car starting through the winter is with a Car Battery Replacement Service today.