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Wheel Alignment near Chesterfield, MO

Wheel Alignment Services Chesterfield

Proper wheel alignment makes sure your tires roll on the road at proper angles, and that your wheels are centered in the wheel wells. This can make a huge difference in the performance of your car, as well as the safety of your vehicle. The wheels on your car can be adjusted so that they are all pointing in the same direction. You’ll find that by having your car’s wheels aligned, there are some fabulous benefits.

Better Fuel Efficiency with Properly Aligned Wheels

Although it’s not readily apparent to most drivers, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is tied directly to the condition of the wheels. Improperly aligned wheels can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 10%. This is because more friction is applied to the tires of misaligned wheels. So, not only will your fuel efficiency improve with wheel alignment service, but it will also maximize the life span of the tires on your vehicle.


Avoid Replacing Tires Sooner than Necessary

When your car has bad alignment all the parts can wear out unevenly and prematurely. Each time you hit a pothole your steering and suspension wobble with the impact and can throw your wheels out of alignment. Additionally, your tires don’t wear evenly. This can cause early tire replacement or worse a blowout while driving at high speeds. Before this happens, bring your vehicle to Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service near Chesterfield for an alignment.


Safety and Wheel Alignment

The safety of yourself and others while driving should always be a top priority. Driving with misaligned wheels in your vehicle is dangerous because it decreases the level of control you have over your vehicle’s direction while in motion. Having your wheels aligned comes with the peace of mind that your car will drive straight when you want it to. Our service technicians near Chesterfield can bring the safety level of your vehicle back to an acceptable level with a wheel alignment.


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Proudly serving the St. Louis and O’Fallon area as a family-owned business for years, our Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service shops continue to provide excellent service to residents in and around Chesterfield, MO. When your vehicle is experiencing a pull to one side, uneven tire wear, or uncomfortable vibrations while driving, contact us a contact us for a wheel alignment with our technicians. We’ll use the latest wheel alignment technology to return a smooth driving experience to your vehicle. We have two locations in Florissant and O’Fallon, so take the short drive from Chesterfield to service your vehicle today.

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