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Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System

exhaust system

Exhaust systems are a major component on every vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The gasses generated from burning fossil fuels need to be moved away from the car safely and efficiently to prevent undesirable consequences. The exhaust system also muffles what would be a deafening sound produced by the engine when combusting fuel for power. Modern vehicles run so quietly today because of innovative mufflers that dampen the noise of thousands of small explosions happening inside your engine every minute. In summary, the exhaust system is vital because it protects you and your passengers from toxic gasses while also creating a comfortable driving experience with a purring engine.

How can I tell if I need an Exhaust System Service?

There are several common symptoms of a faulty Exhaust System component that you can use to evaluate if you should contact us an Exhaust System Service at Travers Premier Auto Service in Florissant & O’Fallon. Most of the symptoms are related to emissions and noise. Here is a list of the most common warning signs of a faulty exhaust system component:

  • Unfamiliar or louder engine noise
  • Poor or sluggish engine performance
  • Check engine light is on
  • Burning smell
  • Exhaust pipe or muffler is hanging closer to the ground than normal

What Happens During an Exhaust System Service?

Every Exhaust System Service at Travers Premier Auto Service features an ASE-Certified Technician that has vast experience working on all exhaust system components including the catalytic converter, hangers, muffler, exhaust joints, exhaust manifold, and oxygen sensor. An inspection of the entire Exhaust System is completed to determine the root cause of the problem. The root cause is then isolated and targeted for maintenance or repair as needed to restore peak Exhaust System performance. All repairs follow a certified service protocol and every replacement part is genuine with Exhaust System Service. When you get an Exhaust System Service at Travers Premier Auto Service, you get peace of mind because the service is always completed by an ASE-Certified Technician with a proven aptitude to get you the service results that you expect.