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Tire Alignment Service near Hazelwood, MO

We offer drivers from Hazelwood, MO, the quality tire alignment service that their vehicle needs. Tire alignment services are completed by highly-trained technicians using computerized wheel alignment equipment. We complete the service with a fast turnaround to get you back on the road with tires meeting the road at specifications. The 10-minute drive from Hazelwood, MO to Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service in Florissant, MO is an excellent way to get the quality tire alignment that your vehicle deserves. You should review our current service specials for saving on your tire alignment service.

Tire Alignment & Maintenance Explained

Have you recently hit a large pothole in Hazelwood, MO, or notice that your vehicle is pulling towards a side? Your tires are out of alignment! Tire alignment service ensures that tires are pointed, rotate parallel, and meet the road properly. Service involves adjusting suspension angles called the toe-in, caster, and camber to specifications. Tires need to be aligned because the suspension angles get knocked out of specs from acute impacts and suspension component loosening due to expected wear and tear.


Two-Wheel vs Four-Wheel Alignment

The intent of the two-wheel and four-wheel alignment service is the same – restore suspension angles to specifications. We have highly-trained technicians that use computerized wheel alignment equipment to complete tire alignments. The difference between two-wheel and four-wheel alignment is merely the number of wheel locations adjusted. Two-wheel service is also called front-wheel alignment because it is given to vehicles with front-wheel-drive powertrains. Four-wheel alignment service is for 4x4s and all-wheel-drive powertrain models.


Benefits of Tire Alignment Service

Tire alignments deliver significant benefits while preventing tire-related problems. Committing to routine tire alignment services will invite these benefits while preventing the corresponding consequences:

  • Even tire wear – irregular tire wear
  • Pleasant driving experience – shaking or vibrations in the steering wheel/cabin
  • Optimum traction – poor traction
  • Safety – vehicle pulling to a side
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency – decreased fuel efficiency


Tire Alignment Service at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service

Service begins with a highly-trained technician and computerized wheel aligner. Your vehicle is mounted to the equipment where we assess and adjust suspension angles to specifications. We complete the service with a fast turnaround, making your 10-minute drive from Hazelwood, MO a profitable investment in quality tire alignment service performed quickly.