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Four-Wheel Alignment Near Hazelwood, MO

We offer a quality four-wheel alignment service for all makes and models near Hazelwood, MO. Four-wheel alignment service includes an expert technician adjusting wheel angles using computerized wheel alignment equipment to precise factory specifications. Your vehicle’s four-wheel alignment service is available with a quick 10-minute drive from Hazelwood, MO to Travers Premier Auto Tire & Service in Florissant, MO.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is how the wheel assemblies meet the suspension is defined by angles called the camber, caster, and toe. How wheels are aligned guides how each tire is pointed and how tires grip the road. This ultimately influences traction and how a vehicle tracks down the road.


Wheel Alignment Maintenance & Service

Wheel alignment is routine maintenance that improves vehicle driveability and extends tire life. Wheel alignment gets knocked out of specs from incidents, such as hitting potholes, nudging curbs when parking, or simple suspension component wear and tear. Wheel alignment service is needed to reset the wheel alignment to specifications. Four-wheel alignment service is for 4×4 and AWD powertrains and includes adjusting the angles at all four wheels.


What are the Warning Signs of Wheel Alignment Trouble?

Misaligned wheels cause problems. Getting corrective wheel alignment service now is the best decision if you notice any of the warning signs of misaligned wheels. Here are the telltale signs of needing a corrective wheel alignment service:

  • Rapid or uneven tire wear
  • Driving straight, but the steering wheel is crooked
  • Vehicle veers to the right or left
  • Squealing tires
  • Shaking at higher speeds
  • Tires losing pressure


Wheel Alignment Service Specials

Service specials extend our customers from Hazelwood, MO additional savings even though the short drive to Florissant, MO already provides a profitable investment in getting a quality alignment. We also make it easy to save money with service specials that can be saved to your phone. Be sure to check on our current service and parts specials for your four-wheel alignment service at Travers Premier Auto Tire & Service.