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Kia Auto & Tire Service

Auto and Tire Service at Travers Premier Near Florissant & O’Fallon

Auto and tire service for your vehicle is imperative in keeping it safe for you and your loved ones and others on the roadways. You have invested time and money into your beautiful Kia, and you want to keep it in top-notch condition. Our certified auto technicians can help you in all aspects of servicing your Kia.

Reasons for Kia Tire Service

Your Kia’s tires hit the road every time you do. They are the only component of your vehicle that comes into contact with the roadway, so you need to ensure they are dependable, sturdy, and in tip-top shape at all times to get you safely to all the places you need to go to and from. The way to achieve this is to regularly bring your vehicle to our certified technicians for tire checks and tire inspections. Our technicians will inspect every inch of your Kia’s tires and let you know if they show signs of wear and tear. If so, you may need to replace your tires, or it could mean that your wheels need an alignment.


Kia Safety and Your Tires

If your tires show signs of wear and tear, your vehicle will use more fuel since it has to work harder to contact the roadway. Your deteriorating tires could also make your Kia vehicle hydroplane while driving on wet or icy pavement, which means you will lose control and possibly have a crash. We want you to be safe and offer everything you need for tire service and replacement. From two and four-wheel alignments to a simple tire check, we are here for you and your Kia.


Maintaining Your Kia’s Efficiency and Performance

Our complete auto service department has your vehicle from bumper to bumper. From Kia tire service to brake replacement and engine repair, we will ensure that your vehicle is in the best condition to keep you and your passengers safe on the roadways at all times.


The Service Provided by Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service

At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service in Florissant & O’Fallon, our licensed, certified technicians are specifically trained to service and repair your beloved Kia. We take our jobs seriously and want to keep all of our Kia owners and their passengers safe while traveling. We treat you well at our dealership while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced and will provide you with transportation if you cannot stay to wait. For the best auto and tire service in the area for your Kia, call us for an appointment today!