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O'Fallon, MO Tire Services

Travers Premier Auto & Tire For Tire Services in O’Fallon

Here at Travers Premier Auto & Tire, we are experts regarding your tires no matter what vehicle you may drive. We have two conveniently located facilities, one is located in O’Fallon, and the other is located in Florissant. We have a wide range of tire services and sales. We carry some of the best brands of tires at Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service. We might recommend a wheel alignment inspection when you get new tires so the tires can wear evenly. Our technicians can guide you on how to take care of new tires best and how to extend the life of the tires you already have. Read on to learn more about our tire services.

Tires For Sale In O’Fallon

We offer a large inventory of new tires at Travers Premier. We also offer expert advice on buying new tires for your vehicle. We offer specialized tires such as high-performance, fuel-efficient, and more. New tires might be required if your vehicle’s existing tires have been damaged, worn-out or if you are looking to upgrade to new tires.


Tire Inspections

Tire inspections allow our technicians to find issues with your vehicle’s tires even before they start to show signs of any problem. Keep in mind that that under-inflation and over-inflation can both be bad for the tires. We can guide you on the ideal inflated pressure for the tires on your vehicle. We can also check the tire tread for uneven wear, and any sort of damage to the tires. Certain types of damage to the tires, such as cracks on the sidewall and severely compromise the structural integrity of the tires. We also have the expertise, tools, and technology to fix any issues in tire inspection service at Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service.


Tire Rotation Service

In tire rotation service our technicians will remove the tires and wheels, and reinstall them at a different position according to the type of tires and requirements of the vehicle. Regular tire rotation service can help maximize the life of the tires by allowing for even tread wear. It can also improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and the overall handling ability of the vehicle. With improved traction, the braking performance of the vehicle can also improve. Not only do we specialize in all types of tire services, but our technicians are also extremely familiar with tire rotation service for different brands of tires and vehicles.


Wheel Alignment

As a first step of making sure the suspension of your vehicle is properly aligned, we will perform a wheel alignment inspection service using the latest tools and technology. The inspection will allow our technicians to determine if the angles of the suspension need to be adjusted to factory specifications through an alignment service. Wheel alignment ensures any excessive stress on the suspension system is minimized and the tires are allowed to have proper contact with the road.