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Oil changes are a crucial part of any car maintenance routine and making sure that you take the time to keep your oil changed is going to make a big difference in how your car drives.


Oil changes are a major part of the routine care of your car and making sure you are keeping to a normal change contact us is going to make a huge difference in how it runs overall. Oil changes make a difference in the way your car runs in a few different ways, for starters, your engine requires oil to keep running and to keep moving freely.


The engine has hundreds of moving parts, many that move against one another, and without fresh oil, your engine is going to lock up and stop. Oil changes are not only for new oil but new filters as well. A dirty oil filter is not going to catch dirt and debris from the oil which means that these particles can get into the engine and cause more damage.

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Scheduling Regular Oil Changes is One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

If you live in the Florissant area, making sure you take the time to get your oil changed in a nearby mechanic is going to help ensure that you are getting oil changes often. Oil changes are essential for your car to keep running and making sure that you are getting normal oil changes is going to help make sure your car keeps running.


Without a proper oil change, your engine is going to become damaged, it is going to stop running. Getting a regular oil change is going to help keep your oil fresh it is going to help keep your engine moving, and it is also going to help with performance.


Delaying an oil change is likely going to end up in major engine damage and in your car locking up and stopping. It can also end in your engine being damaged to the point that it will likely need to be replaced or have major work done. Changing your oil is an easy enough process that can be done quickly and easily.

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Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service can quickly and efficiently get your car back on the road and in great working shape. They have a comfortable waiting area and can help you get in an out in a jiffy so that you can get back to driving and stop worrying about your oil changes.