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O’Fallon, Missouri Oil Change Services

Oil changes are a must and many people neglect to have them done because they take too long or they are easy to forget. The right oil change mechanic can help you to get your car working and back on the road.


Regular Oil Changes are Vital to the Lifespan of Your Vehicle


Oil changes are not optional care for your car. You have to have an oil change in order to make sure that your car is going to be able to run. Without an oil change, you are going to have a car that is not able to move and that is going to lock up as well. Changing the oil helps to make sure that the engine is free and clear of dirt, dust and other particulates, and also that your car is going to perform better as well.

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What Happens if I delay an Oil Change?

Delaying an oil change is going to result in an engine that locks up and is not able to move freely or to function as it should. The engine needs oil to work and if it does not have it, the engine is going to lock up and not going to run properly.


Oil changes are a normal and routine part of your maintenance for your car and are going to help make sure that your engine is able to move and able to move freely as well and that it is going to perform the way you want it to.

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Oil changes are a must and for many, they can forget to have them done on time. Oil changes can mean the difference between a car that runs for thousands of miles and a car that is not going to run for very long at all. Your engine has a great deal of moving parts within that rub and move against one another in order to work. Your engine needs oil to help move freely and to make sure that your engine is going to be able to move.


An oil change also includes changing out oil filters and changing engine air filters as well, all of these that help to keep your car running smoothly. An oil change is a must and a great mechanic in your area, like Travers Premier Auto Body and Tire Service in the O’Fallon area, is going to make oil changes fast and simple.

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Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service can get your oil changed quickly and easily and get you back on the road so that you can get back to your day today.