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St. Louis Oil Change

One question that is important to answer when discussing oil changes is exactly what it entails. An oil change is one of the most important automotive services to maintain the optimal performance of any car, truck, or SUV. An oil change involves taking the old oil out of a vehicle’s engine and replacing it with fresh, new oil. Certified service technicians, like the ones at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, can usually complete this service in between 15-30 minutes.

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Getting Your Oil Change near St. Louis

There are quite a few reasons why you should get an oil change. One reason is that it benefits your vehicle in a variety of different ways. One such benefit is improved engine performance. Increased lubrication of your engine’s internal components causes your engine to run more quietly and more smoothly as well.


Another benefit of changing your oil is an increase in your miles per gallon. The increased lubrication leads to less friction which means you will enjoy better fuel efficiency. Drivers in Florissant and St. Louis should get regular oil changes because of all the various benefits that it provides for your vehicle. 

What Happens If I Don’t Get My Oil Change Regularly?

Failing to receive an oil change promptly may lead to a number of negative consequences for your engine. One eventual consequence of this is that a large amount of dirt will build up in your engine’s oil. The oil filter in your vehicle will work as it should and remove dirt from the oil for a certain period of time. However, eventually, the dirt will clog up the filter. Once this happens, the unclean oil will get around the filter via a valve known as a relief valve.


If your engine is operating on dirty oil, it will get more worn out because of the abrasiveness and thickness of the dirty oil. The other eventual consequence of not changing your oil is that the oil’s additives will become exhausted. This means that the oil’s lubrication qualities will decline, as well.

Oil Change Service from Travers Premier Auto Body & Tire Service

One reason why drivers in O’Fallon should get their oil changed at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service is because of their experienced service department. The knowledgeable service experts will complete the oil change quickly and do it right.


Another reason to have your oil change done at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service is their convenient hours. Regardless of whether you go to the location in O’Fallon or Florissant, the service center is open six days a week. If you want an excellent oil change done quickly, visit Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service today.