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Power Steering 101

power steering

Power Steering is a mechanical steering assistant. That sounds simple, but we know at Travers Premier Auto Service that Power Steering systems are complex with many vital parts all working together to turn your vehicle as needed for a comfortable driving experience. When you rotate the steering wheel, the Power Steering System jumps into action providing additional force to rotate the wheel-tire assemblies responsible vehicle steering. When you turn the steering wheel, and it’s easy, it is the Power Steering system doing most of the work. As you might imagine, developing a Power Steering problem will cause you problems with how much force you need to apply to the steering wheel. And then there’s the noise- faulty power steering systems can be extremely noisy. If you have a Power Steering system that makes noise or you are having difficulty turning the steering wheel, then you need to contact us a Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Service.

What’s Included in a Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Service?

The Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Service at Travers Premier Auto Service is the best around. The service has two fundamental parts including the power steering fluid flush & exchange, and the second part includes conditioning. The Power Steering system is drained from all the power steering fluid and flushed. Flush means an ASE-Certified technician will use specialized equipment and a chemical cleaning agent to remove all of the old Power Steering Fluid. Flushing is essential because if not completed, some of the contamination will remain in the system threatening its performance. The ASE-Certified Technician will then use a special chemical agent to condition the power steering system in preparation for a long life.


Travers Premier Auto Service: Convenient Location, Certified Service

If you want a Power Steering System Service that completely restores your power steering’s performance and extends its useful life, then you want to have the service completed at a reputable service center with certified technicians like what we offer at Travers Premier Auto Service. Travers Premier Auto Service is located in Florissant & O’Fallon near St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Clayton, and St. Louis, Missouri.