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Power Window Problems Call for Immediate Action

Power Window Service

Although power window problems are rare, they do happen. They won’t go up. They won’t go down. But sometimes they will. The passenger window will work, but the one on the driver’s side won’t. They’ll work in one direction, but not the other.


They work, but they’re very noisy or very slow. Depending on the weather and the situation, you could find yourself up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


At any rate, power window problems are not to be ignored. You need to find an expert who can get down to the root of the problem, like one of the highly trained technicians you’ll find at Travis Premier Auto and Tire repair in Florrisant and O’Fallon.

Likely Suspects When Your Power Windows Won’t Work

When it comes to power windows that refuse to budge, the problem could stem from a bad switch, lousy power motor, wiring problem.


If it’s a matter of one working, but not any of the others, if it makes a noise when you press the switch, it could be a mechanical problem – a faulty window mechanism.


There are several possibilities when none of the windows work. The power window circuit fuse could have blown; it could be a short in the wiring circuit that supplies powers to it; or a problem in its wiring harness or module.


It could also be a faulty window regulator or a matter of a fatally overheated motor. While any of these could be the reason your power windows have let you down, they’re all could be’s and maybe’s, and they’ll remain just that — possibilities or maybe’s, and they won’t get your windows back to working condition.


Windows that won’t open can be a matter of inconvenience when you’re at the bank drive-up window or trying to pay a toll, but hardly a threat to your safety and security. However, the opposite problem can pose severe safety and security if it allows people access to your car, whether you’re in it or not. The important thing is that you get it to an automotive professional, like the ones you’ll find at Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service.


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So instead of conjecturing about why your power windows won’t work, come in and let an ASE certified technician diagnose and correct your power window problem.