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Rear Differential Service Special

The differential in your vehicle allows for the outside drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner drive wheel when turning. The rear differential is a gearbox with three shafts. One shaft spins at the average speed of the others. The differential is absolutely necessary when the vehicle turns because the wheel traveling on the outside is covering more distance and must spin faster.


Differentials Going Bad Make Noise

One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance items is differential fluid. When it comes to your rear differential, noise is a major problem. The most common way to know that you have a differential going bad is the noise. If lubrication is low on the mechanism or if one of the gears is out of place, rear differential noise is likely. The differential can have a whine, clunk, or grinding sound that will be obvious and concerning. Sometimes fixing the problem is as easy as Rear Differential Service that drains the old fluid and replaces it with brand new.

Don’t try this at home

If rear differential noise is ignored, it can lead to major problems and permanent damage to the ring and pinion. Rear differential service is only recommended for certified ASE technicians because of the complexity of the system. The rear differential is made up of many gears with teeth entwined with each other. The effectiveness of its function is dependent on how precise these gears are arranged and oriented relative to each other. By having regular rear differential service, you can make sure that your vehicle has proper lubrication that decreases heat and friction, making for a quiet and smooth ride.


Schedule Rear Differential Service

Travers Premier Auto Service has a team of ASE certified technicians with expertise and specialized equipment training to provide you with ASE Rear Differential Service. Every Rear Differential Service includes a total drain and refill of rear differential fluid. If you are experiencing rear differential noises or if your vehicle has surpassed the recommended service interval, it is important for you to contact us an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians for your ASE car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV to have a Rear Differential service.

If you need a rear differential service for your car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV, contact us an appointment at one of the Travers Premier Auto Service centers in Florissant or O’Fallon. Every service comes with a complimentary inspection of all major vehicle systems to help you prevent future repair costs.

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