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New Spark Plugs

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Spark plugs are remarkable things. They do not cost much, and most cars have between four and eight of them. They provide the first of three critically important elements required for an internal combustion engine – spark, which ignites fuel and compresses the pistons that power your engine. Spark plugs come in many types and varieties, with some specially designed for high-end vehicles. But they all do the same thing, which is to create a spark to ignite the fuel. When your spark plugs are in good order and working properly, you get the most power out of your engine and the best possible gas mileage.

Replacing You Space Plugs

When you get your spark plugs serviced, an experienced technician usually will inspect them for any unusual wear that might indicate your car is running rich or lean and some adjustment is in order. If the plugs are worn, corroded, the casing damaged or any other imperfections are found, the plugs get replaced. Usually, all spark plugs get replaced at the same time for convenience and preventive maintenance. The mechanic will ensure the proper gap for your car, and that the spark plugs are in the right temperature range for your engine. The mechanic also will check and replace spark plug wires and related components as needed.


Why Bother?

The engine in your car needs a spark to ignite the fuel that creates the combustion to move you down the road. When the spark is weak, poorly timed or just plain lacking, your car will not run right, and might not run at all. If a spark plug is corroded, worn or damaged, the spark will not be enough to keep your car running well. That leads to potentially costly repairs, with poor gas mileage likely until you get your tune-up.


Experienced Auto Experts Around St. Louis

Travers Premier Auto Service in Florissant MO and O’Fallon, MO, provides exceptional spark plug service. Experienced and certified automotive technicians ensure your vehicle is in optimal running condition, and your spark plugs are doing their job as intended. Travers Premier Auto Service also serves St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, Clayton, and St. Louis with highly experienced and certified mechanics who take pride in doing the best possible work. Fast turnaround times keep customer wait times at a minimum, while a first-rate waiting area ensures comfort and entertainment while your car has its spark plugs checked and replaced as needed, along with your other critical engine components.