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Keep It Between the Lines with Alignment Service near St. Peters

If you notice your car wanting to veer off in the same direction whenever you let go of the wheel, you likely have an alignment problem. Alignment issues commonly afflict cars as they gain some mileage on the odometer and the wheels absorb some punishment. Alignment issues are relatively easy, fast, and affordable to fix. You can get an alignment service near St. Peters at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service. We use laser-guided precision to ensure your car is aligned properly and traveling in a straight path. Our selection of parts ensures we can fix any problems that might have caused your wheels to lose their alignment.

Alignment Service Explained

If your car, pickup, minivan, or SUV uses front-wheel drive only, then a two-wheel alignment service can correct any problems. We use our laser measuring tools to determine the camber, toe, and caster angles on each wheel. If any of the angles are off, the corresponding wheel needs an alignment. A two-wheel alignment will straighten out the travel on your front-wheel-drive vehicle. If yours is an all-wheel-drive, a 4X4, or has rear-wheel drive, then you need a four-wheel alignment. The process is the same as for two-wheel alignment but done on all four wheels.


Why You Need Alignment Service

Improper wheel alignment has many causes. The most common causes are potholes, road hazards, and worn chassis parts. As the wheels absorb bumps and road-going punishment, the wheels gradually become misaligned. In such cases, simple mechanical adjustments on the chassis correct the problem. Other times, you likely have worn out parts, as tie rod ends and other chassis and suspension components that throw your wheels out of alignment. Replacement with factory OEM parts and a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment service usually take care of the problem. Your car should travel in a naturally straight path unless you are trying to turn. When the wheels are misaligned, the tires suffer additional wear, and your chassis parts can wear out faster. Proper alignment helps to ensure maximum tire mileage and longer-lasting chassis parts.


Schedule Alignment Service Now

If your car is due for an alignment service near St. Peters, we can take care of it. You can contact us an alignment appointment online right now at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service. Just pick the available day and time that are most convenient for you. You can relax in our customer lounge while we take care of your car. Or you can drop it off and use a free shuttle to run your errands in Albany, Silverton, and other nearby communities. Your car will be ready right away.