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Tire Rotation Service

Your car’s tires are what maintains traction and keep you going where you intend. Unless you have an obvious flat tire, it is very easy to overlook simple maintenance. That includes a tire rotation and balance to maintain even wear across all four tires.


The certified technicians at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service can do a fast and efficient tire rotation and balance service on just about any vehicle. When you take the time to maintain your tires properly, you ensure the best traction and long tread life. That adds up to greater safety, better handling, and lower driving costs.


Rotating Your Tires


When our technicians do a tire rotation and balance service, they remove all four wheels. Then they visually inspect each tire for unusual tread wear or damage. Commonly found problems include leaking valve stems, tread separation and broken steel belts. We also commonly find damage from road hazards, like an embedded nail or screw. After passing the initial inspection, our technicians will spin-balance each wheel to make sure they all rotate properly. Once done, they rotate the front wheels to the rear so that your tires will wear more evenly until your next tire rotation and balance service.

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Regular Tire Rotation Services

An imbalanced or damaged tire can cause you more driving problems than you might realize. The most common issues are reduced fuel mileage and increased tire wear. That means you have to replace all four tires sooner than intended while getting poor fuel economy and handling. We have a great selection of tires from top brands from which to choose if any issues arise. That gives you a lot of pricing options on high-quality tires from the most respected tiremakers.

Schedule a Tire Rotation Today at Travers Premier Auto & Tire

The highly skilled and trained technicians at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service in the Florissant and O’Fallon area can do a tire rotation and balance service today. Feel free to contact us and contact us same-day service, or come to our service center at any time of your choosing. We have a great selection of tires and a very comfortable customer waiting area with Wi-Fi, coffee, beverages, and snacks to keep you occupied. Newspapers and magazines help keep you informed while we ensure your tires are in the best possible shape. That helps to maximize your tires’ tread life and performance. It also makes your car more comfortable and safer to drive.