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Tire Rotation Service Special

Vehicle maintenance adds up quickly, often times without even meaning to. At Travers Premier Auto Service, we strive to take the hassle and financial struggle out of getting the best maintenance and service for your vehicle. We are happy to offer a tire rotation special at an affordable price to keep your car running smoothly and safely.

Whether you know it or not, your tires wear differently depending on location, terrain-driven on and how often you make certain maneuvers.

Rotation for Even Tire Wear

Your front tires will show signs of wear and tear a lot faster than your rear tires due to a few reasons:


  • Weight distribution – the front carries more of a load with the engine and transmission being located there.
  • While making turns, your vehicle leans to that specific side causing more wear to show on the outside of the front tires.
  • Front tires receive most of the impact while braking.
  • Rear tires simply follow the direction of the front, allowing them to have less impact during turns and to also bare less weight.


Your dashboard alerts you of so many service needs like oil changes, engine checks and more, but it, unfortunately, does not remind you when you need your tires rotated. Tire rotations differ from car to car, driver to driver. If you have any questions about when and how often you should rotate your tires, be sure to ask your team at Travers Premier Auto Service the next time you bring in your car for maintenance.


Tires have different manufacturer guidelines on when it is recommended to have them rotated. Typically a good rule of thumb is once every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or every six months.


If you don’t have time to see us but notice these signs, you should probably come to visit next time you’re available: noticeably uneven wear between tires, your vehicle vibrates while driving and tire pressure loss.


Rotating your tires on a contact us is essential to the overall functionality of your vehicle. By leaving them unrotated for too long, you not only take thousands of miles off their life, but the wheel alignment can also become imbalanced and you will see you average miles-per-gallon decrease significantly.


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