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Your Transmission System and Transmission Fluid

transmission fluid exchange

The automotive transmission delivers torque to each drive wheel by selecting the perfect gear given the driver’s desired speed and terrain. An automatic transmission does this automatically by using sensors, computerized control unit, torque converter, and hydraulic controls. The manual transmission system is far less complex technologically and requires the driver to select the gear despite how it might be less efficient than the gear selected by an automatic transmission. No matter if you have an automatic or manual transmission system, they all function at their best with fresh Transmission Fluid. If you are due for a transmission fluid exchange service because your vehicle is at the maintenance service interval or if you have any of the warning signs of poor Transmission Fluid, fixing the problem is convenient and price-effective with a Transmission Fluid Exchange & Cleanse Service at Travers Premier Auto Service of Florissant & O’Fallon, Missouri.

Are there any Warning Signs of Bad Transmission Fluid?

Smooth movement is essential for the moving parts inside the transmission. Transmission Fluid is a lubricant that keeps the metallic components in the gearbox from grinding each other down under tremendous friction and heat. Fresh Transmission Fluid promote smooth and easy gear shifting while protecting moving parts from costly damages. Here are the warning signs of poor Transmission Fluid:

  • Strange transmission noises
  • Transmission gears have a grinding sound
  • Problems shifting gear
  • Gears slip in or out unpredictably
  • Vehicle surging or sluggish gear response
  • Delayed movement

What is a Transmission Cleanse?

Transmission Cleanse is an exceptional service that takes Transmission Fluid Exchange to the next level, creating significant value for our customers. Transmission Cleanse is a special solvent that cleans varnish and suspends contaminants in the old fluid; this makes it easier to remove all the unwanted particulates. If you want the best Transmission Service possible, it should include a cleanse that eliminates contamination. Without the Cleanse, it is likely that some of the old contamination will remain in the transmission to threaten its performance yet again. Travers Premier Auto Service is conveniently located in Florissant and O’Fallon within the St. Louis metropolitan area near St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, and Clayton, Missouri.