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Tire Alignment Special

Aligning Your Wheels

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Signs You Need to Alignment Service

Here are some signs that your car needs a wheel alignment. Having this done at our dealership helps with optimal drivability. Cars are manufactured to have particular angles that the tires point in, and our mechanics can help you with this.

The steering wheel is off-center

Noticing that your steering wheel is off-center can be the first sign that you need to have your steering wheel aligned. If it noticeably tilts to the right or to the left, then you should bring it in to be serviced.

Uneven or rapid tire wear

Another indication that your wheels need to be aligned is if the tires are not wearing correctly. If you can notice that some tires are wearing faster than others, that can mean that they are out of alignment, and they need to be aligned. Uneven tire wear or misaligned tires can mean you pay more at the gas tank and have less MPG. It can also reduce a tires’ life by thousands of miles.

Noisy steering

Squealing tires, while you are steering, can be due to an alignment issue.

Car pulling while you are driving

If the tires are veering to one side or another while you are driving, then this is a visible sign that your vehicle should be put in alignment.

Aligning Your Wheels

Proper tire alignment can be maintained in a few ways. After our team aligns your tires, you can help them to stay aligned with a few changes. One thing you can do is to keep your trunk clear of junk. This balances the chassis and helps the car to stay level. Another thing you can do is to drive more conservatively. Less driving means fewer chances that the car will hit a pothole and get out of alignment. The steering wheel, tires, and suspension system will be under less stress.

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