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Wheel Alignment Service

Getting your Vehicles Wheel Aligned in O’Fallon, MO

When a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, or when new tires are purchased or tires are balanced and rotated, an alignment inspection and adjustment service are required to assure the vehicle is running properly. To perform the service, the technician puts the car on a lift to allow access to the underside, then uses specialty tools to measure within fractions of an inch how the wheels align to each other and the vehicle frame. The technician makes the necessary adjustments, and the vehicle is ready to drive again with optimal performance.

Why do Wheels Have to Be Aligned?

The most obvious reason for the need to have wheels aligned is having been in a traffic accident. Otherwise, hitting a pothole or curb can knock the wheels out of alignment, as can driving regularly on rough roads.

Eventually, even the best of driving conditions lead to a need for alignment services, as the weight of the car and the forces generated by accelerating, braking, cornering, and driving at speed will eventually push the wheels out of alignment over time. The process is a normal part of the vehicle’s maintenance routine, which is why it was engineered to have the alignment easily adjusted back to where it is supposed to be.


Misaligned Wheel Can Cause Problems

When the wheels are out of alignment, there are two noticeable symptoms that suggest it is time for service. First, the tires won’t wear evenly, they will become noticeably more worn on either the inside or the outside, depending on the direction in which the wheels have become misaligned.

Secondly, and a sign the wheels are quite far out of alignment, is when the steering wheel has to be held at an angle in order for the vehicle to maintain a straight line while driving. A few other things might happen such as poor gas mileage and handling, but those symptoms can also be associated with other problems and don’t necessarily mean the alignment is off from manufacturer specifications, although such problems can often lead to premature wheel misalignment as well.

Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service in O’Fallon, MO

A reputable service shop such as Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service in O’Fallon, MO with an additional service center in Florissant to serve the St Louis area is prepared to provide wheel alignment service for any make and model vehicle. You’ll find our shops are easy to work with as our technicians are professionally trained to do the job right the first time so you don’t have to worry about it later.

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