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Inspecting the charging system

Charging System & the Alternator

Your car battery stores voltage and sends it to the starter to start your engine. When voltage dips too low, your charging system detects this shortcoming, and your alternator jumps into action generating an additional voltage. If a problem develops with your car battery, alternator, wires, connections, or electronic control unit – you will likely experience performance-based problems. Your car may have a hard time starting, start and then die, or not ever be again to start at all.


Your alternator and charging system are sophisticated technologies. When it comes to service and repairs, you want to rely on expert service technicians. Which is exactly who we employee at Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service in Florissant or O’Fallon, MO. Both of our locations are easy to reach from all the surrounding St. Louis metropolitan areas of St. Charles, St. Peters, Chesterfield, and Clayton.

What are the Symptoms of a Defective Charging System?

When there is a problem within the charging system, there will likely be symptoms associated with the defect. They will begin showing up in engine performance and electrical accessories. From dim headlights to a dead battery. If you start experiencing any of the following symptoms of a defective battery charging system, it is time to contact us service. The quicker you act, the more you will be able to prevent worsening consequences. Here are the most common symptoms that will likely show up:

  • Engine difficult to start or won’t start at all
  • Dimmer-than-normal headlights
  • Alternator or drive belt noises
  • The battery case is disfigured or leaking fluid
  • Dirty battery or corrosion on battery connections
  • The alternator belt has significant wear
  • The battery warning light is on


Alternator & Charging System Service from Travers Premier

Our service begins with an expert technician that understands the complexities of your vehicle’s electrical system. Our expert technicians will perform a visual inspection first. They will search to find any physical defects that could be the root cause of the problem. If your battery is dead, then it will need to be replaced. All connections, terminals, and cables will be cleaned to ensure good contact for electricity to flow freely. The alternator will be tested using a multimeter to ensure that it is in good working order.


Once completed, you will gain peace of mind immediately knowing that the electrical system is functioning properly. The vital benefits from the service include both vehicle reliability and reduced operating costs.