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Brake Service in Chesterfield, MO

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Choosing the right service center for your vehicle is important for its quality and lifespan. Your vehicle is an investment and one that you should protect with maintenance services. How well it performs is based on how well it is serviced. Brake services are essential maintenance services that your car requires periodically for safety and performance. Below are the various brake services you can expect at a professional service center.

Brake System Inspection

The brake system in your vehicle is essential to your overall safety and driving ability. In order to determine if your brake system is functioning properly, certified technicians will inspect the brake system in your vehicle. They will determine if there are any leaks in the system, the quality of the brake fluid and if there need to be replacements of brake pads or brake rotors.


Resurfacing/ Replacing Brake Rotors

Your brake pads need a secure place to grip when they are being used. Every 50,000 miles, these rotors need to be resurfaced by a technician to improve this surface area or replaced altogether. When you bring your car in for this service, you can expect the technicians to use the appropriate OEM parts designed by manufacturing.


Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid is designed to capture any residue in your brake system and keep it well lubricated for its various functions. Over time, the brake fluid in your brake system wears down like other fluids throughout your vehicle. Periodically, it is essential for the brake fluid to be flushed of the old fluid and exchanged with new fluid in the system.


Replacing Brake Pads

A critical part of your brake system, brake pads provide the friction and support to slow down and stop suddenly if needed. When the friction material is worn down on the brake pads, your brakes will be metal to metal, preventing the ability to stop safely. During this service, technicians will remove the old brake pads from your vehicle and will replace them with new pads.

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