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Premier Drivetrain Inspection, Repairs & Replacement

No matter what you drive, it has a drivetrain that sends power to your wheels. That power moves you down that road – so long as you maintain your drivetrain. Our certified technicians at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service can do a full drivetrain service on any make or model vehicle. We have a great selection of OEM and aftermarket parts to maintain and repair cars for those in Florissant, O’Fallon and other nearby communities. That gives you a lot of options on pricing and parts, while we ensure great work gets done.

What Your Drivetrain Does

We do a full visual and diagnostic check of your car’s complete drivetrain system. Most front-wheel-drive cars have two CV axles and related parts upfront. A rear-wheel-drive car or truck usually has a long driveshaft running to the rear axle. A four-wheel-drive system usually has both. When we service your vehicle’s drivetrain, we check all related components and fluids to ensure everything is in good working order. If we find any problems, we fix it on the spot. Our full range of drivetrain parts and components means we can take care of just about any drivetrain problem right away.


When to Get Your DriveTrain Inspected

Like any mechanical system in your car, the drivetrain needs regular service and occasional repairs. That helps to ensure it will continue powering your drive wheels and move your car down the road. Many car owners, though, neglect to maintain their drivetrains. That is because the drivetrain is out of sight, and mostly out of mind – until it starts acting up. When your drivetrain starts to go bad, it will make loud, unpleasant noises, like knocking, clunking or squealing sounds. It also might start leaking important fluids that lubricate internal parts. If your drivetrain breaks, you go nowhere, and the repair costs can be high. Regular drivetrain service helps you avoid breakdowns while giving you maximum power to your drive wheels.


Contact Us at Travers Premier Auto & Tire

You can call our friendly staff at Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service and bring your car in as soon as today. We will do a full drivetrain service and ensure it is in top shape. We have a very comfortable lounge with free Wi-Fi, TV, snacks, and beverages to keep you happy while we work on your car in our service department. Once done, your car will drive as well as it did when new and keep giving you good, reliable service.