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Brake Service in Florrisant, MO

Full-Service Brake Services Near Florissant, MO

No matter how advanced cars have become, the brakes are a vital part of your safety. You rely on your brakes to be able to stop and slow down, and they can save you from a severe accident. This is why residents from Florissant, MO, make the fifteen-minute drive on over to Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service. Our certified technicians ensure your vehicle is safe with our comprehensive brake services.

Braking System Inspection

One of our technicians can start with a brake inspection as soon as your vehicle passes 10,000 miles. We examine everything thoroughly that is needed for your brakes to be fully functional, including the pads, rotors, and level of fluid. Of course, should we spot anything that could pose a threat to your safety, we will recommend further service.


Brake Pad Replacements

Replacing your brake pads is a normal part of the vehicle’s maintenance contact us. You can usually tell when its time to replace them because you’ll hear a screeching noise while driving. This service is relatively simple, and you may need to replace your front brake pads or rear brake pads depending on how much they are worn down.


Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement

While ignoring a brake pad service might create your rotors to wear down quicker, eventually, they will also need to be resurfaced or replaced. Your brake rotors are a disc-like shape that is an essential aspect of your braking system. Over time, rotors get worn down from the heat. Sometimes, rotors can be resurfaced if they aren’t too thin, but once they go past a certain amount, they need to be replaced. Some signs that you might need your rotors serviced include the following:


  • Your steering wheel vibrates when you come to a stop
  • loud screeching noises


Brake Fluid Exchange

Many people don’t realize their brake fluid is a vital piece of the braking system that helps you stop. One of our technicians will be happy to test your brake fluid to ensure it’s in optimal condition, as it’s a necessity to keep you safe on the road


Brake Service Coupons and Specials

Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service has a lot of exclusive savings and special offers to keep your vehicle running great. Ask about our front and rear brake specials. Also, we offer complimentary brake inspections so you can have peace of mind on the road.

Why Travers Premier Auto & Tire For Service?

No matter what service you need for your vehicle, we deliver the superior results you deserve. Our service center has convenient hours, including Saturday appointments. For your convenience, you can contact us a service online or just give us a call. When you come in, we’ve got a comfortable waiting area and complimentary snacks while you wait, or you get a shuttle if you need to get things done while we work on your car.