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Transmission Services Near St. Peters, MO

At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, we operate a certified service department in St. Louis, MO near St. Peters, offering drivers a one-stop-shop ready to meet all of their vehicle’s transmission service needs. We staff a team of professional technicians that understand the transmission professionally and have vast experience performing routine transmission maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We know how to perform accurate inspections when the transmission develops problems and always provide honest and transparent service referrals to correct transmission performance issues.

Transmission Inspection

A more intensive task than it sounds, transmission inspection is a meticulous service completed by a certified technician with vast hands-on experience working on the transmission system. The transmission system receives a comprehensive and thorough inspection including all parts and fluid; any component not meeting factory specifications will be identified for the corrective service that it needs to restore specifications.


Transmission Fluid Exchange

An experienced technician removes the old fluid from the transmission, inspects the transmission with an emphasis on leaky seals and gaskets, and installs fresh transmission fluid to specifications.


How do you inform a recommendation for transmission replacement?

We use a collaborative approach with the owner that ultimately gives them the authority about what to do for a transmission problem but we rely on our training and experience to make a sound recommendation informed by practical financial calculation and an assessment of repair versus replacement values. When the cost of repairing transmission damage approaches the cost of replacement, this is approximately the point by which the value proposition for a brand new transmission begins looking more and more attractive.


Transmission Replacement

At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, we have a crew team of certified technicians that work together to remove the blown transmission system, inspect the underbelly and engine block, and install the brand new transmission system according to factory specifications. A driving test confirms peak transmission performance and vehicle reliability as it relates to the new transmission system.


Only Choose Professional Technicians for Transmission Service

The transmission system is sophisticated and demands the highest qualified professionals not found working within independent service shops. We use a crew team method when performing transmission replacements due to the challenges and time-demanding nature of the service. Our certified technicians have the OEM parts and knowledge to properly complete transmission service. Schedule a service with us today the next time you need transmission service in St. Peters!