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Importance of Wheel Alignment Service near St. Louis, MO

Having the wheels aligned on a car can be different according to make and model, as some have a need for all four wheels to be aligned while others only are adjustable with the front wheels. An experienced technician will know which type of alignment service your car needs.


Whether front, rear, or all four wheels need an alignment service, it will fix certain handling problems the car may have been experiencing. The most typical symptom of a bad alignment is the vehicle will not maintain a straight line when driving with the steering wheel centered, but will veer to one side or the other.

Why You Need Your Vehicle’s Wheels Aligned

You have to have your car’s wheel alignment adjusted at times because of the regular stressed caused by driving. The weight of the car puts a strain on the joints which attach the wheels to the axles, and that force pushes them out of alignment over time. The car was designed for such an occurrence, it isn’t really a problem, but the wheels have to be aligned to assure maximum performance, handling, comfort, and safety for you and your family along with the other drivers on the road.


Driving Around St. Louis with Misaligned Wheels Can be Dangerous

Several things can happen when the wheels of your car are out of alignment. The handling suffers, either when cornering or by an inability to hold a straight line. From a financial perspective, the gas mileage can go down and the tires will wear out unevenly, meaning they have to be replaced before their expected lifespan is fully reached. Although these aren’t going to be big expenses, they can add up over the lifetime of your car and make it more costly than it needs to be to maintain over the years.

It’s Easy to Find an Authorized Service Technician at Travers Premier Auto & Tire

Alignment service isn’t terribly difficult for someone with the right tools who understands the proper specifications for your make and model of car. Understanding the exact specifications is why an authorized technician is a better choice for wheel alignment services than a local mechanic who might understand the concept but doesn’t have access to your car’s specific needs.

At Travers Premier Auto and Tire Service in Florrisant and O’Fallon serves the greater St Louis area. Our technicians are courteous and friendly, prepared to make sure the alignment services are conducted properly for your car so you can get back on the road with full confidence your car is operating at peak efficiency.

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