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Transmission Service near Chesterfield, MO

Transmission services near Chesterfield, MO

Transmissions are mysterious and complicated to most people. At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, we agree they are complicated, but we can take some of the mystery out of them. We have facilities in Florissant and in O’Fallon, and both of them can take care of your transmission. We invite people from Chesterfield to bring their cars to us. Our O’Fallon business is 17 miles from Chesterfield, and Florissant is 24 miles away.

Why Does my Transmission Need Service?

Transmissions are complex and need a lot of lubrication to keep all its parts working together well. When you bring your vehicle to us, the first thing we do is check the fluid in the transmission. It should be bright red, but if it is brown, you will need a fluid replacement. This can rejuvenate your vehicle’s transmission, and often it takes care of minor problems. A deeper full-flush gets all the fluid out and is a more in-depth cleaning than a simple fluid replacement. We also check for leaks and may give it a test drive to get a better idea of what is going on. This will take care of many transmission issues, but sometimes you have to replace the transmission.


Transmission Replacement Service

There are some options when you need to replace a transmission. The most expensive one is to buy a new transmission from the factory. This is the most costly and not recommended often. You could buy a used one from a junkyard. This is the cheapest, but also not our recommendation because often there is no warranty and you don’t know the condition. You could buy a rebuilt one, and this is a good choice. A slightly less expensive option is to rebuild the one already in your car. This keeps any good parts and gets it back to like-new condition.


Warning Signs of a Failing Transmission

Transmissions are complex, but they work great most of the time. Observing what your transmission is doing, and bringing it to us at the first sign of trouble, is the best way to avoid the expense of replacing the unit. You can check the fluid yourself and bring it to us when it starts to turn brown. If it starts to slip or have trouble shifting, those are also warnings that something is amiss. Also look for leaks under your car, as transmissions with problems often leak. If it has trouble going into reverse or does not move when you put it in reverse, you have a more serious problem and need to get it to us immediately.


Visit Travers Premier Auto & Tire for Transmission Service

Call Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service today to get an appointment for your transmission. Come to either one of our locations in Florissant or O’Fallon. We are a short drive from Chesterfield. We welcome customers from all over the area to visit us and learn about caring for your transmission.

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