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O'Fallon, MO Battery Services

Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service Offers Battery Services In O’Fallon, MO

The battery in your vehicle plays a huge role in getting things going. When your vehicle needs battery service, look no further than Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service! We’re one of the most trusted auto repair centers in the area; we employ ASE-certified technicians, and we’re conveniently located not too far from O’Fallon. With the usual traffic, we’re less than half an hour’s drive away! Learn more about the battery services we offer below, and then head to Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service to see why drivers from O’Fallon choose our service center for maintenance and repair.

Battery Testing and Inspection

The battery in your vehicle houses massive amounts of electricity. Every time you start your vehicle, the battery discharges some of this power, sending an electrical surge to the starter. The starter then cranks the engine, which gets everything going. The car battery in your vehicle will lose its ability to hold a charge, but this happens very slowly — over several years. Eventually, you may notice that it takes longer to start your vehicle, or that it takes several tries. Or, your battery may one day simply not have enough electricity, leaving you stranded in need of a jump. To avoid this, we recommend having your battery tested annually. Our technicians can tell you what condition the battery is in so you can know whether you need a new one soon.

If you’re experiencing battery troubles, we can also perform a battery inspection. We will check the battery itself for signs of damage, and we will check the battery’s terminals to make sure that there is no buildup of corrosion — a common cause of battery problems. We can clean the corrosion and get your vehicle starting again as it should. We will also check other parts of the charging system, including the alternator and the battery cables.


Battery Replacement

Eventually, your battery will need to be replaced. When that time comes, we are ready to help at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service. We have a great selection of batteries in our parts store, and we will be glad to replace your old one for you.


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When you’re ready to make a battery appointment at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, just give us a call or use our online service contact usr. We look forward to helping you keep good care of your vehicle at Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service, just a short drive from O’Fallon.