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O'Fallon, MO Brake Service

What is Brake System Service

In O’Fallon you need your car’s brake system to be at its best to ensure a safe drive, as even a second of delay can turn a sudden stop into an accident. Brake system service involves the repair and maintenance of the many parts that make up your car’s braking system by a certified professional.

Services We Offer

Brake Inspection Service: When driving in O’Fallon you need your brakes to be reliable. One of the best ways to keep your braking system in top condition is having regular inspections. An inspection can detect repair or maintenance issues and fix them before they become more severe and lead to an accident or an expensive repair.


Brake Pad Replacement Service: Your car’s brake pads need regular replacing as your brake pads are made out of softer materials than the surrounding components causing them to wear out. We can help with brake replacement as it’s important to make sure the right type of brake pads are being installed. Your front and rear brake pads are different with both being different sizes and shapes, so they are not interchangeable.


Brake Rotor Resurfacing Service: Your car’s rotors are exposed to a high degree of heat and pressure whenever you slow down or stop in O’Fallon. Over time your brake rotors can become warped however, this does not always mean they need replacing. In many cases, our resurfacing can restore your rotors and remove wrapping and imperfections.


Brake Fluid Exchange Service: Your car’s brake fluid plays a vital role in bringing your car to a stop when driving in O’Fallon traffic. Your car’s brake fluid transmits pressure through your braking system when you press down on the brake pedal and this pressure engages your brakes to bring your car to a stop. Like other automotive fluids, brake fluid can become contaminated or need refilling. When you bring your car to us, we can remove your old brake fluid and replace it with fresh brake fluid which keeps your brakes responding as they should.


Why Use Us For Your Brake Service Needs?

We know that in O’Fallon and Florissant you have a choice in brake service providers, we stand out from the competition as a family-owned business by offering fully ASE certified repair service, fair prices, and the best in customer service. At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service we service all makes & models and no matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive, we can help keep your brake system in top operating condition. We welcome your business and invite you to call us today to contact us your appointment.