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Vehicle Service

The Importance Of Regular Automotive Servicing in O’Fallon, MO

Your automobile is an important part of daily life both for business and personal use in Florissant and O’Fallon. Regular servicing keeps your car in top operating condition and not only keeps you safe but also helps avoid random breakdowns and helps your car’s reliability.

Automotive Service Items We Offer

At Travers Premier Auto & Tire Service service center, we service all makes & models with the most common and important automotive maintenance and service needs.


Oil Change Service

Regular oil changes are a common part of automobile ownership and a key part in keeping your engine safe. Regular oil changes prevent overheating and engine damage. We can assist with all types of oil changes and only use the best in oil brands and makes.


Tire Service

Your car’s tires encounter a variety of environmental and road hazards when driving in O’Fallon. Regular tire servicing involves patching, repairs, wheel rebalancing, tire rotations, tire replacement, and more. No matter your tire service needs we can help.


Wheel Alignment

Your car’s wheels can be thrown out of alignment by a variety of causes including hitting a curb in O’Fallon, random accidents, road hazards such as potholes, changing your tires, or raising or lowering your automobile. We can help realign your wheels to meet your automobile manufacturer’s exact specifications.


Transmission Service

A working transmission is a key to a safe drive. If your transmission is damaged it can make changing gears very unpredictable (if not outright undoable) and makes even routine driving in O’Fallon very unsafe. We provide regular transmission services including repairs, service items such as transmission fluid exchanges, and when needed full transmission replacement.


Brake Service

When driving O’Fallon you need your braking system performing at its absolute best to ensure a safe drive. We assist with common brake service needs including brake pad replacement, line checks, brake fluid exchanges, rotor resurfacing, and more.


Car Battery Replacement Sales, and Service

Your car’s battery powers several important electrical systems. No matter the battery service, if you need a new battery installed or testing and inspection of your current battery we can help. We also carry a selection of the best batteries on the market today.


Why Use Us For Your Maintenance and Repair Needs?

We know when you need service near O’Fallon you have many options to choose from. As a family-owned business we’re proud of providing our local community the best in fully ASE certified automotive service and care. When you bring your car to us, you can rest assured it’s in expert hands, and we are fully committed to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to learn more.